Preliminary Program
 ICVRV 2019 Technical Paper Session 1 
Time: November 23, 201914:40-16:40
Location: 深圳大学城会议中心207
Chair: Xun Luo, Andres Newball
01 Template-based Hand Shape Recovery from a Single Depth Image
     Qing Fan, Xukun Shen, Bowen Tang, Geng Lyu
02 Pose-independent Facial Action Units Recognition with Attention Enhanced               Residual Mapping
     Housen Cheng, Yachun Fan, Feng Tian, Xiaohui Tan
03 Robust microscope image stitching using multi zooming level
     Geng Lyu, Xukun Shen, Qing Fan
04 Fine Hand-Eye Coordination Control of Robot in Parallel Space
     Yong Lu,Youquan Liu, Zhengxiong Liu, Panfeng HuangWencong Jiang, 
     Yao Li, Yue Qi
 ICVRV 2019 Technical Paper Session 2 
Time: November 23, 201914:40-16:40
Location: 深圳大学城会议中心207
Chair: Xun Luo, Andres Newball
01 Performance Analysis of Vehicle Detection Algorithm in Aerial Traffic Videos
     ShaoHua Liu, Haibo Liu, Wenhao Shi, Suqin Wang, Min Shi,Lina Wang,
     Tianlu Mao
02 Research on Intelligent Design of Gearbox Parts Based on Virtual Environment
     Hui Li,Po Zhang,Zeqin Zeng,Fengyun Wu,Xiangjun Zou
03 Identification of Vibrotactile Flow Patterns on a Handheld Haptic Device
     Yijie Gong, Dangxiao Wang, Qiqi Guo ,Hu Luo ,Yuru Zhang,Jing Xiao
04 Distrubted Generation of Large-scale 3D Dense Point Cloud for Accurate Multi-         View Reconstruction
     Xijing Wang, Yao Li, Chen Wang, Yue Qi 
 ICVRV 2019 Technical Paper Session 3 
Time: November 23, 201914:40-16:40
Location: 深圳大学城会议中心207
Chair: Xun Luo, Andres Newball
01 A Data-driven Method for Intrinsic Decomposition of 3D City Reconstruction            Scene
    Yang Xie, Yao Li, Yue Qi
02 Extract Accurate 3D Human Skeleton from Video
     Tao Hu, Wenming Meng, Shuai Li
03 Automatic Hair Modeling From One Image
     Ligang Cheng,Yongtang Bao,Yue Qi
04 Dark Photo Reconstruction by Event Camera
     Jiang Zhe
 ICVRV 2019 Technical Paper Session 4 
Time: November 24, 201914:00-16:00
Location: 深圳大学城会议中心207
Chair: Yunbo Rao, Andres Newball
01 Towards the Gamification of Assistive Technology for Professionals with Severe       Impairments
     Victoria E. Contreras, Gloria Gomez, Andres A. Navarro-Newball
02 Study on the Potential of Videogames for Motivating People to Pursue their Own       Goals
     Sergio Madera, Pablo Figueroa
03 Celgis Game: Viral learning experience with a radio planning serious game
     Patricia Madrinan, Domiciano Rincon, Andres Navarro
04 Design of a course oriented to the comprehension of Agile Methods based on           Teamwork, Role-play, and Class Project with a Real Client
     Alix E. Rojas, Camilo Mejıa-Moncayo
 ICVRV 2019 Technical Paper Session 5 
Time: November 24, 201914:00-16:00
Location: 深圳大学城会议中心207
Chair: Yunbo Rao, Andres Newball
01 Developing a virtual reality serious game to recreational therapy using iPlus               Methodology
     Mayra Carrión, Marco Santorum, Juan Benavides, Jose Aguilar, Yolanda Ortiz
02 A Systematic Literature Mapping on the Similar Semantically Entities in                    Measurement Projects
    María Laura Sánchez Reynoso, Mario José Diván
03 Video Games to Support Language Therapies in Children with Hearing                     Disabilities
    Juan-CMartınez, ErikaGutierrez, GloriaA ́lvarez, Andres D.Castillo,
    AnitaY.Portilla, Valeria Almanza
04 WA VIS : A Web-based Augmented Reality Text Data Visual Analysis Tool
     Yunqiang Pei, Yadong Wu, Song Wang, Fupan Wang, Hongyu Jiang, Shijian Xu,       Jinquan Zhou
 ICVRV 2019 Technical Paper Session 6 
Time: November 24, 201914:00-16:00
Location: 深圳大学城会议中心207
Chair: Yunbo Rao, Andres Newball
01 Fuzzy Speech Driven Indoor Modeling System
     Jiaqi Kang, Yiran Zhu, Chenlei Lv, Shu Xu, Yanping Xue, Xingce Wang,
     Zhongke Wu
02 Skeleton-based 3D Model Descriptor and Its Application in Non-rigid Shape               Retrieval
     Yiran Zhu, Jiaqi Kang, Chenlei Lv, Shu Xu, Yanping Xue,Dan Zhang,
     Xingce Wang, Zhongke Wu
03 Interactive Modeling of Trees using VR Devices
     Zhihao Liu, Ce Shen, Zhi Li, Tingyu Weng, Oliver Deussen, 
     Zhanglin Cheng, Dangxiao Wang
04 3D Human Pose Estimation With Adversarial Learning
     Wenming Meng, Tao Hu, Li Shuai

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